Recycling glass bottles and jars represents the evolution and commitment of society with sustainable development. It’s very important to fight against climate change, prevent overusing natural resources and preserve our planet.

In contrast with what some people may believe, contributing to improving and preserving the environment is everybody’s responsibility (not only that of the different administrations through their environmental policies), and by recycling glass we contribute to this in a great extent. The hospitality industry uses 50% of the glass bottles and jars available in the market, which is why their contribution is crucial.

Restaurant and hotel owners play a key role and contribute everyday through their actions in order for the recycling rate in Spain to increase continuously since the current Ecovidrio system was introduced twenty years ago, which is known for being accessible to all citizens.

Recycling glass has a lot of environmental benefits. Check them out!

  • It prevents the extraction of new raw materials. Glass is a material that can 100% be recycled and can be reused over and over again. Therefore, when placing glass bottles and jars in the green container, we prevent the use of new raw materials such as silica sand, sodium carbonate and limestone sand. By recycling glass, we are preventing soil degradation.


  • It slows down the growth of landfills. Separating the different kinds of waste at home is essential to preserve the environment. Glass recycling containers (the green ones) were the first ones to appear on the streets of our cities in Spain, together with the ones for cardboard. Since 1998, we’ve recycled 12 million tons of glass bottles and jars in Spain. If we lined up all those bottles and jars, we could go to the moon and back 10 times!


  • It saves energy. Using cullet (recycled glass) to manufacture new bottles and jars allows us to save energy. The reason is that its fusion temperature is lower than the temperature raw materials such as sand or limestone would need.


  • It prevents the emission of CO2. Recycling glass means fighting against climate change. Glass can 100% be recycled and can be used as a raw material to manufacture new bottles and jars. During this process, we prevent the emission of CO2 to the atmosphere, which is one of the main reasons for global warming.


To give you a better idea of what we mean, let us give you an example. Just by recycling three glass bottles, we can save enough energy to do laundry three times for four people, or to charge a smartphone for almost one year.

Last year, we recycled 789,235 tons of glass bottle and jar waste. Thanks to this, we were able to prevent the emission of 550,077 tons of CO2, which is equivalent to 134,700 cars being taken off the roads for a year.

Thanks to all citizens, but especially you, the restaurant and hotel owners, we have managed to recycle 7 out of 10 glass bottles and jars and, all together, we can improve that figure because a sustainable planet is the best legacy we can hand down to our future generations.