During the summer, the beach is the main holiday destination for most Spanish people. As we already mentioned in a previous post, cleanliness is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a beach for 90% of the survey respondents, according to a report prepared by Ecovidrio.

We spend a lot of time on the beach and our value for sustainability when it comes to choosing our favourite beach is continuously increasing.

Most users consider it to be really important for the water and sand to be waste-free, which is why the hospitality industry has begun to take into account the new habits of Spaniards on the beach and the attitude they have towards waste management.

Apart from cleanliness, which is on top of the list, other reasons for choosing a beach are –organised by autonomous communities– the quality of the sand for 63% of Andalusians, safety and rescue equipment for 70.8% of Valencians and crowdedness for Catalans (70.1%), Balearics (78.7%) and Murcians (69.2%).

Beach users from all along the Spanish coast are increasingly opting in favour of sustainable and eco-friendly destinations, which is why a bigger implication by restaurant and hotel owners is essential. Society values sustainability more and more, and so does it for summer leisure.

For Catalans, Valencians and Balearics, the fact that the beach bar is committed to protecting the environment is the second reason for choosing it, right after cleanliness while, for Andalusians and Murcians, it comes in third place, since they pay more attention to prices and cleanliness.

We would also like to highlight the fact that 7 out of 10 Andalusian survey respondents state that they pick up the waste they find on the ground, and 6 out of 10 respondents from the other autonomous communities along the Mediterranean coast.

Not only do we go to the beach to go into the water, swim and sunbathe, but the beach is also a place for leisure where we carry out many kinds of activities, which makes it clear that it is very important for citizens to find clean, waste-free beaches. Practising sports, reading and enjoying gastronomy are additional activities usually carried out on the beach.


Meal preferences

Being able to have a drink with some tapas by the beach is one of the main interests for Andalusians, Valencians, Catalans and Murcians, which is why the hospitality industry plays a fundamental role when it comes to choosing a summer destination.

In terms of gastronomy, fish or seafood are the preferred meals for Andalusians (40.2%), while Valencians (40.8%), Catalans (34.3%) and Murcians (47.1%) prefer tapas and Balearics (27.4%) prefer the traditional paella.